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GDPR Training Module on Compass

On 15th May a new training module was added to Compass in order to record learners’ completion of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) training module.

GDPR Training is a mandatory module for all appointments. New roles added after 15th May will have the GDPR training module automatically added to their PLP on Compass.

Existing members will need to have the module manually added to their training record. Guidance on how to add this module to a member’s training record can be found in the userguide: Adding a Module for a Single Member.

Notes for adding the module to members that already have a wood badge:
– The module can be added to member’s PLPs even if they already have a wood badge
– Adding a module to a PLP that already has a wood badge does not affect the wood badge status
– Once the member has validated the GDPR module the County Training Manager will be notified again that the PLP has been completed. However, they do not need to recommend another wood badge for the role.

The following FAQs related to GDPR are also available on the Compass Support Site:

For further support and advice with regards to these changes please contact The Scout Information Centre.

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