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I am a Training Manager and I want to add the PLP for and/or recommend a Wood Badge for a role which doesn’t usually require one e.g. a Section Assistant. How do I do this?

As long as some form of training is usually required for the role in question (even if it is just one module) a PLP for this role will automatically be added to the Member’s record. If it has been agreed between the learner, their TA and the Training Manager (who needs to approve this) that an appropriate Wood Badge can be worked towards for this role, then the relevant additional modules can be added to the PLP using the ‘Add Module’ button. You can find more guidance on how to add modules here.

Once all of the agreed modules within the PLP have been validated and PLP is complete, the Training Manager will then need to use the Wood Badge Recommendation Form to recommend a Wood Badge. This should be sent to the Scout Information Centre. It is not possible to recommend a Wood Badge using Compass in these instances, as not everyone is this role will choose to work towards a Wood Badge, for example the Section Assistant role.

Please see the Adult Training Scheme document for more details on agreeing a Wood Badge for a role which doesn’t usually require one, including what local approval is required. If you have any further questions, please contact the Scout Information Centre.

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