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The information about my historical Wood Badge/training in my ongoing learning record is incorrect, how can I fix it?

As part of the transfer of training data from the previous membership management system (MMS) to Compass, it was identified that there was insufficient data in MMS to be able to associate training courses and Wood Badges to particular roles. Therefore, in order to ensure that this historical training information was recorded on Compass the information was added into the Ongoing Learning section of members’ training records.

If the information that has been added as an Ongoing Learning record is incorrect it may be due to the fact that some of the data recorded in MMS was not accurately entered.

If you are aware that some of the information recorded on your profile is incorrect, you can add a new ongoing learning record to your profile with the correct information. Guidance on how to add a new Ongoing Learning record can be found in the user guide: Adding ongoing learning hours for a single member.

Once you have added the new ongoing learning record you can delete the incorrect one from your record.

Important note: once an Ongoing Learning record has been deleted the information cannot be retrieved so please take extra care when deleting the historical training information.

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