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The renewal date for First Aid mandatory ongoing learning automatically sets to 5 years, but first aid certificates expire after 3 years. How do I change the renewal date?

If you validate Module 10 (First Aid) for a Member this will automatically generate a First Aid mandatory ongoing learning entry for the Member as well. Using this method, the issue described above has now been fixed and the renewal date will automatically be set to 3 years from the validation date. If you do need to amend the completion or renewal dates which have been generated in the mandatory ongoing learning entry, you do so in exactly the same way as described below (deleting the entry and adding it again.)

If you are adding First Aid directly into the mandatory ongoing learning section of a Member’s training record, the ‘renewal date’ field will still automatically populate with a date 5 years from the completion date. However, you can amend the renewal date before you save it, guidance on which can be found here. If you save the entry with the incorrect date, this can be amended by deleting the entry and adding it again with the correct dates. Guidance on how to delete mandatory ongoing learning can be found here.


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