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There used to be a Wood Badge recorded against my role in Compass but its no longer showing?

If you know that you previously had a Wood Badge recorded against a role but it is no longer showing it is likely to be due to there being no validated modules associated with the Wood Badge.

In order to for a Wood Badge to be visible on compass there needs to be at least one module recorded in the PLP for that role. If a role is closed and there were no validated modules recorded in the PLP then the PLP and the Wood Badge are removed from the training page of the members’ profile.

We are aware that there will be some members in this situation and we are looking to make these Wood Badges visible again by adding in a module that will allow the Wood Badge to be shown on Compass. In the meantime, if you have the details of the Wood Badge and would like to ensure that it is recorded somewhere on your record it can be added into the Ongoing Learning section at the bottom of the training record. Once we have made this fix to make the Wood Badge visible we will post information on the Compass Support Website Latest Updates page.

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