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What happens if an individual hold roles in more than one country, which requires a different form of disclosure (e.g. Scotland and England)?

Individuals that hold roles in Countries that require different forms of disclosure do need to hold both types of disclosure (unfortunately the legislation means that disclosures are only valid in the country that issued them).

It is therefore possible for an individual who holds roles in both England / Wales and Scotland to have a valid disclosure for one role but not for the other. If the failure to hold one or other of the required disclosures makes them subject to a suspension, then they will be suspended. Such a suspension will affect their roles in all countries (even if the hold a valid disclosure for one), this is because suspension is “suspension from any involvement in Scouting” (POR Rule 15.2 b).

A known bug with the functionality means that an adult in this situation my get an email explaining that they do not currently hold a disclosure and refer to the wrong disclosure type (eg if the PVG has expired the email may refer to their DBS expiring). If this is the case please check on Compass which disclosure is about to expire and please take the appropriate steps to complete the correct application.

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