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Why is a Wood Badge date outside of the role start/end dates?

In the previous membership management system (MMS), Wood Badges were not linked to specific roles on members’ records. For example, a member could complete the training for a Cub Scout Leader Wood Badge without holding a Cub Scout Leader role. There were also no checks in MMS to make sure that the date entered for a Wood Badge matched to a role.

However, in Compass all Wood Badges must be linked to a specific role in order to be recommended. Therefore, when the Wood Badge data was transferred from MMS to Compass, Wood Badges were mapped to the correct role type on a member’s record without looking at the role start and end dates.

This means that some members may find that they have a Wood Badge associated to a particular role that shows a date that is before the role start date or after the role end date. Whilst the dates may be inconsistent the Wood Badge is still correct for that role.

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