Adding a module for a single member


Roles: Training Managers, Training Administrators, Training Advisers.

Process overview:  This process allows users with the correct access rights to search for members and add a training module and related information to the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for a specified role. This should be completed once a PLP has been agreed with the member and this information needs to be updated on Compass.

For this process you will need the learner’s details, including the membership number (if available.)

Process: Adding a module for a single member

  1. Ensure you have selected the correct role from the ‘My roles’ dropdown menu at the top on the homepage. (This will be the role that gives you the appropriate rights to complete this process.)

  2. Search for the member whose record you want to update. (See the user guides for ‘Basic search’ or ‘Advanced search’ for details of how to do this.)
    Once you have found the correct member record, the member’s profile page will appear. You will see a row of headings going across the page, underneath the member’s name and membership number. Click the ‘Training’ heading.

  3. The ‘Training’ page is split into two sections, the first being ‘Personal Learning Plans’. The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) section will display all roles linked to the member. When a member is assigned a role, a PLP detailing the training requirements for that role should automatically have been added.
    Click on the ‘Show PLP’ button at the right hand side of the page.

  4. Under the ‘Training modules’ heading will be a list of modules that are part that PLP.
    To add a new module to the PLP for this role, click the ‘Add module’ button at the right hand side of the screen. Please note: The ‘Add module ‘button might not appear if the PLP has already been completed and/or a Wood Badge has been recommended.If the module is already listed in the Personal Learning Plan, you will not be able to add it again. (Please see the user guide on ‘Updating and validating a module for a single member’.)
  5. A popup window will appear titled ‘Add training module to PLP’, with the member’s name and membership number underneath.
    To choose the module that you want to add to the PLP, use the ‘Module’ drop down window under the ‘PLP Training Details’ heading. Clicking on the black arrow at the right of the box will bring up a list of all the training modules. From this, you can select the required module by clicking on its title.
  6. The rest of the fields in this box are not mandatory at this stage. You do not need to complete the rest of the information in order to continue.

  7. Next steps:
    If you do not have any further information to add to the module at this point, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom right hand corner of the box. You can return to update the rest of the information at a later stage.OR

    If you have more information to add to the training module at this stage, complete the rest of the fields in this box (see the user guide on ‘
    Updating and validating a module for a single member’ for more information).


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