Additional guidance for the use of Atlantic Data in British Scouting Overseas

This additional guidance is for those using Atlantic Data in British Scouting Overseas only and does not provide a full explanation on the use of Atlantic Data. Please see the disclosures support section within for full user guides, videos and quick start guides if you require further guidance or support.

In British Scouting Overseas there are two ways to apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check:

  • Submit an online application via Atlantic Data, or
  • Submit a paper application.

To be able to use Atlantic Data the applicant MUST hold the relevant ID documentation to go through ‘Route 1’ as set out in the DBS’s guidance.

If the applicant does not hold the ID documentation required to go through ‘Route 1’ then the applicant will need to complete a paper application.

ID Document Selection

Group 1 Documents

For an applicant to be processed through Route 1 the applicant must hold and present for ID checking at least one document from Group 1. If they are not able to produce one of these documents then a DBS paper application must be used.

Other things to note:

  • If the Driving Licence is selected this will be used to verify the applicant’s address, if the Driving Licence is not used then at least one document will need to be selected from Group 3.
  • If the birth certificate is selected without any of the other Group 1 documents, it must be an original i.e. issued within 12 months of date of birth.
  • If one document is selected from this section only 2 further documents will be required (as long as one of them has the applicant’s address).


Group 1 Documents

Figure 1 – Group 1 documents as shown in Atlantic Data, correct as of Jan 2017


Group 2 documents

If only one or two documents are selected from Group 1 then the Group 2 documents will be offered. As no Group 2 Documents provide proof of address, aim to only select one of these documents.

Group 2 Documents

Figure 2 – Group 2 documents as shown in Atlantic Data, correct as of Jan 2017

Group 3 documents

If a document has not been selected to show the applicant’s address or less than two documents have been selected then Group 3 documents will be offered.

The aim of this section is to ensure at least one of the ID documents shows the applicants address.

Please note that the following are not accepted as proof of address in Group 3:

  • Cards carrying the Pass accreditation logo
  • EU National ID Card
  • Work Permit/VISA

Group 3 Documents

Figure 3 – Group 3 documents as shown in Atlantic Data, correct as of Jan 2017

Which ID document can I use from which country?

The table below sets out the Countries in which British Scouting Overseas operates within set against the countries the ID document can be accepted from.

This table is intended to be used alongside the brackets at the end of each ID document set out in Atlantic Data.

For example the ID document ‘Gas Bill/Statement’ can only be used if the member’s current address (on Compass and Atlantic Data) is a UK address.

Country UK Docs EU Docs EEA Docs Non-UK/EU/EEA (All Country) Docs
UK based members of BSO Yes Yes Yes Yes
France Yes Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes Yes
Latvia Yes Yes Yes
Luxembourg Yes Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes Yes
Norway Yes Yes
Ascension Island Yes
Falkland Islands Yes
Indonesia Yes
Japan Yes
Malaysia Yes
People Republic of China Yes
Russian Federation Yes
Singapore Yes
St Helena Yes
Azerbaijan Yes
Bahrain Yes
Kuwait Yes
Qatar Yes
Oman Yes
Saudi Arabia Yes
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