How to retrieve your username for Compass



Roles: All

Process overview: This process allows users to retrieve their lost or forgotten Compass username.

Process: How to retrieve your username for Compass

  1. Go to the Compass login page This should display the following screen: On this page please click on the ‘Retrieve forgotten username’ link.

  2. On the page displayed, enter your membership number and click ‘Submit’.

  3. If the membership number is valid, the below page will be displayed. The ‘Security question’ is the one you entered when registering for Compass. Please ensure that the information you enter is correct as per the data held on your record on Compass:
    • Date of birth.
    • Postcode.
    • Email address.
    • Security answer.

  4. Once you have clicked the ‘Submit’ button:
    • If any of the details entered are not valid, you will see an error message in red highlighting which information needs to be re-entered or corrected (see example below).

    • If all the details are valid, the system will display the following page and send your username to the email address recorded on your record in Compass.


  5. Click on the ‘Sign into your account’ link (as shown above) to go to the login page and sign in.

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