Updating a module for multiple members


Roles: Training Managers, Training Administrators, Training Advisers (excluding validating the module).

Process overview: This process will allow users with the correct access rights to search for multiple members and update training modules for all those selected at the same time. It allows you to update modules that are part of an existing Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for a role the members hold. It also allows the user to assign a Training Adviser to the learner for the module being updated, although this is not mandatory to complete the process.

This process allows you to update the details of the learning or validation for a module, including:

  • Whether it was agreed that the learning was required, and if so what learning has been completed and when.
  • The agreed validation criteria and method for completion.
  • The date of validation and who it was validated by.

Please note: This process allows you to update multiple members’ training records at the same time, making it easier to do tasks such as update the learning completed for all participants of the same course.

Process: Updating a module for multiple members

  1. Ensure you have selected the correct role from the ‘My roles’ dropdown menu at the top of the homepage. (This will be the role that gives you the appropriate access rights to complete this process).
  2. Click the ‘Training’ tab towards the top of the homepage.

  3. A menu will appear underneath. Click on ‘Adult training’.

  4. The ‘Adult training’ page will appear. This page will allow you to search for members using a combination of different search criteria. Your role will affect which locations you can search.

  5. Complete the relevant search fields for your search. Please note: Using the ‘Update’ drop down menu, underneath the ‘Module details’ heading, will allow you to specify whether you want to search for learners with ‘Learning required’, ‘Validation required’ or ‘Mandatory ongoing learning’. You can then use the ‘For module’ drop down menu below to select the specific module you wish to search for. If you selected ‘Mandatory ongoing learning’ in the ‘Update’ field, you will also be able to search by renewal date using the ‘Due for renewal in the next X months’ field.You can enter as little or as much information as you wish, or have available. The more information you enter, the more refined your search will be.When you are ready, click the ‘Search’ button at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. The search results will then appear on the bottom half of the page in a table. Each member will have a check box next to their name and membership number at the left hand side of the page. Select the check boxes of all members you want to update.If you want to select all members listed, click the check box at the top left of the table, next to the column headings.

    Please note: If ‘Learning required’ was ticked when the module was added, the module must have an ‘Actual completion’ date entered before the module will be eligible for validation. If an ‘Actual completion’ date has not been entered, these modules will not appear in a search for ‘Adults with validation required on training’.

  7. Once you have selected the members whose records you want to update, click the ‘Update training’ button at the bottom left of the page.

  8. A popup window will appear titled ‘Select option – multiple members’, with the number of members selected shown in brackets. This window is split into two sections. The first section is titled ‘Ongoing learning options’. (Guidance on how to update multiple members’ ongoing learning is provided in a (Adding mandatory ongoing learning for multiple members.)The second section is titled ‘Member PLP Training’. This contains a list of all of modules within the Members’ PLP’s that require either learning or validation (depending on the search criteria selected.) Please note: If you searched for a specific module, only this module will appear under the ‘Member PLP Training’ heading.Each module will have a ‘Select’ button at the right hand side of the page. Click the ‘Select’ button for the module you want to update.

    The number in brackets after each module represents the number of times each module appears across all roles held by the members you have chosen.

  9. A new popup window will appear titled ‘Update multiple members’. This will allow you to update the module for all members selected. The first section is titled ‘Update training, learning and validation’. Use the drop down menu titled ‘Learning method’ to select the agreed learning method for the module. You can select more than one method if required.

  10. Once you have selected the learning method(s), a new text box will appear under the ‘Actual completion’ heading. Enter the date the learning method(s) was/were completed. The date can be entered manually or selected using the calendar icon to the right of the text box.

  11. The next section is validation, which will be located under the ‘Validation criteria’ heading. If there are any mandatory validation criteria for this module these will have automatically appeared.

    You can then use the drop down box to select any additional validation criteria that have been agreed for this module.

  12. Once the agreed validation criteria have been selected a text box will appear under the ‘Actual completion’ heading. Enter the date the validation was completed, for each validation criterion. The date can be entered manually or selected using the calendar icon to right of the text box.

  13. Under the ‘Validation methods’ heading there will be a list of the different methods that can be used to validate the module. You may need to scroll the window down to see all of the methods.
    Each validation method will have a corresponding check box. Use the check boxes to select the agreed validation methods. You will be able to select multiple methods.

  14. If you are a Training Manager, or Training Administrator, you will then see the final section titled ‘Validation completed’. If you do not wish to complete this section now, proceed straight to step 16. You will be able to update this information at a later date.
    Please Note: This section will not appear for Training Advisers; they should proceed directly to step

  15. The ‘Validation completed’ section has two fields to complete. You will only be able to complete these fields if all listed learning and validation methods have an actual completion date.
    • ‘Validated by’ – Enter the membership number of the member who validated the criteria into the ‘Validated by’ box or search for them by name by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the box.
    • ‘Validated on’ – This will be automatically populated with the current date when you enter the validator’s membership number. If you wish to amend this, please do so by using the calendar icon or manually entering the date.

      Please note: This is only for Training Managers and Training Administrators. This section will not appear for Training Advisers.

  16. When you have entered all of the relevant information and are ready to move on, click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom right hand corner.

  17. The following page will show the names of all members whose records you are updating and the roles the module will be updated for. Please note that if the same member requires the module updating for more than one role, they may appear multiple times in the list.Each role will have a ‘Remove’ button at the right hand side of the page. Double check the list of members and if you want to remove a member’s record from the update list, click the ‘Remove’ button by that role.

    When you are ready to save the updates to the members’ records, click the ‘Save’ button ‘at’ the bottom right of the page.


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