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While Compass is offline this Latest Updates section of is being used as the central place to share all updates and latest developments.

Some roles in Scouting receive targeted emails when there is a development that directly impacts on a task their role is involved with, but all information is shared here too.

Please see below the emails sent to specific roles in Scouting during the last week regarding Compass or an offline process in place.

A thank you to Appointments and Administrative roles

Update on disclosure check alerts

Update on issuing Wood Badges

30th March – UPDATED: Intermittent Problems with Youth Upload / Add Adults Portal

Update:  The services now should be fully restored.

On Friday night a planned change was made to the infrastructure hosting the Youth Upload and Add Adult portal.  The change should have had no impact on these services, but it appears that this did affect the ability for some of our members to access the login screen.  The change was reverted at 11.00 am on Saturday morning.  Unfortunately some of our members are still experiencing ‘Page not Found’ errors when they access the site.  We have identified that this is still affecting many of our members who use Virgin Media broadband and we are investigating to see if others are affected.   We are working closely with our suppliers to restore full service to all our users as urgently as possible and I would like to personally apologise to those of you who have been affected over the weekend.

Alexis Cheshire