Compass Updates 10th March 2016

Updates to Compass since  the 10th March 2016 – Appointments Reports

Over the past few weeks we have made a few changes to Compass and the support website on the back of the feedback you have been providing to us.

Updates to Compass –

  • The Appointments Reports have were taken offline earlier this week to make some enhancements to them, unfortunately they did not come back online as quickly as we would have liked. The Reports are back online and we have updated –
    • A fix to ensure the line manager reflected the line manager on Compass.
    • A fix to ensure the fields in the Appointments Process matches Compass (this includes Commissioner Approval, AAC, Reference’s, Committee approval and CE check).
    • The dates for the Mandatory Ongoing Learning reflect Compass.
    • Some of the headings have been updated to better reflect the data being shown in the column.

If you do have any questions about these changes please contact the Information Centre.


Compass Updates 10th March 2016

Updates to Compass since  the 18th February 2016

Over the past few weeks we have made a few changes to Compass and the support website on the back of the feedback you have been providing to us.

Updates to Compass –

  • The Appointments Reports have been taken offline temporarily to make some change to them based on feedback from members. The reports will be made available as soon as possible. Please check back here for any further updates.
  • We have converted the Support Videos to make them downloadable for use offline, click here to access the downloads.
  • Small changes to user permissions to provide the correct access within Compass, see here for the full set of user permissions.

Update 5:30pm –

On the 18th February we explained that a number of roles were showing the incorrect role status (Pre-Provisional, Provisional or Full) and a small number of roles would need to be moved back from Full to the correct status. This work was completed today, if whilst showing incorrectly as Full, elements of the Appointments Process (AAC, Commissioner approval, training etc) have been completed, the record on the approvals page will need to be updated. If a CE check is outstanding (and this is the only part of the approval process left to complete) this will be processed by HQ within 14 working days.

New FAQs added based on your questions, feedback and reported issues –

Why have I received multiple emails with the same message?

Why has my Superuser role become pre-provisional?

The Good Service/Gallantry/Long Service Award I have been awarded is not showing on my record?

The Local Training Administrator role been removed, which role is correct to add instead?

I am unable to validate a module whose ‘learning required’ is set as ‘yes’?

I am a Training Manager and I want to add the PLP for and/or recommend a Wood Badge for a role which doesn’t usually require one e.g. a Section Assistant. How do I do this?

Are Appointment Secretaries able to validate training?

Can Superusers recommend Wood Badges?

Who can recommend a Wood Badge on Compass?

Who has access to edit or delete incorrect training records?

Local Training Managers cannot recommend Wood Badges on Compass but it is in their role description, why is this?

What should I enter in the ‘Known As’ name field?

I have sent a email through Compass to multiple Members and one or more person(s) haven’t received it. Why is this?

I have access to recommend/grant permits though Compass, but I can’t see the ‘Add Permit’ button?

Now that Phase 4 has been split into three smaller phases, who will get access and when?

As part of my role as Deputy/Assistant Commissioner I am delegated tasks by my Commissioner, but I do not have these permissions on Compass, why is this?

Why can I not type more than 500 characters when rejecting a permit?

How do I search for someone in Atlantic Data if their surname or forename is less than 3 letters long?

Webinar 02 March

On Wednesday 2 March we held a webinar for Phase One users, walking through Compass, and then the User Support Site. You can access the recording of these webinars and the slides and transcript of the questions and answers.

Webinar Slides (PPXT)

Webinar Slides (PDF)

Webinar Recording (Youtube)

Webinar Questions and Answers (PDF)

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the webinar on Wednesday. The next webinar will be on Thursday 10th March, 7.30-8.00pm and you can register for it here.


Resources for Phase 4b

With phase 4b access to Compass going live today there is a range of resources which will be of particular use to those working to continue the updating of records.

  • You can find a comprehensive list of ‘who can do what’ on Compass here.
  • Recordings of the latest webinars – featuring a walkthrough of Compass, this Usersite and Atlantic Data, can be found here .
  • The suite of 14 video tutorials covering everything from logging in, updating training and issuing permits on Compass can be found here. These videos can be downloaded for offline use here.
  • Information on updating roles can be found here, and information on processing disclosures can be found here.
  • Information on permits can be found here and adult training resources, see the blog post here

If you are new to Compass you might need to registerlogin, retrieve your username or reset your password, resources to help you with this can be found here.

Your local reintroduction team of Commissioners, Superusers and Appointments Secretaries are available locally.  The Scout Information Centre is also open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm to help with any inquiries, which includes our Twitter feed @ScoutInfoCentre, open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Those logging in may also find that they have a large number of alerts. FAQs on alerts can be found here.