27 November 2014

Today all members for whom we have an email address received an invitation asking them to register as a Compass user. We know that we have not got an email address for everyone in every role and so if there is a member who does not receive their invitation to register please ask them to contact their local administrator. An email address recorded in Compass is a requirement for registering as a Compass user. This means that a personal email address needs to be added to each member’s record so that the member can then register as a Compass user using this email address.

A small fraction of members may still spot some errors in their location (which Section/Group etc they are assigned to) due to the data being incorrect in the old membership system. We are working on a function for Compass that will allow the location of a member’s role to be edited locally, so an update on how to amend this will follow. If it is really urgent to amend a member’s role location then this can also be overcome by opening a new role in the correct location, then closing the role in the incorrect location.

Members may still see some errors in their past training history and Awards history. We are currently working on some additional data migration fixes to this. If an error is spotted on a training record that was migrated to Compass from the old membership system please do not try and amend this as we are continuing to work on ways to fix this. However, if your training record looks correct then it is fine for members with a training role (e.g. Training Advisers, Administrators, Training Managers etc) to make updates and edits to your record. All members can currently edit their personal details, communication preferences and emergency details.

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