Compass Update

Since our last update in mid-April we have been working to introduce some standard reports that show adults disclosure status and a directory of all adults in a Group, District, County/Area or Region.

We have made good progress to produce the reports and we are now refining them to ensure they support your needs. Access to the reports is anticipated to be released to Appointment Secretaries and Regional, County/Area/Region (Scotland) and District Commissioners (and all acting Commissioners) next week.

The disclosure reports will help you identify who has a disclosure due to expire in the near future as well as those for whom a disclosure has been started. This report will also enable you to identify those adults whose roles should be closed. The Member Directory report lists the core details for adults in your local area and will enable you to review member details. With access to adult core details you’ll be able to email UKHQ with your data updates, where a team is ready to help update your details. Further details about these reports and how to access them will be shared shortly. We want to manage expectations upfront in this respect as this will take some time to make the changes requested. We are experiencing unprecedented volume of enquiries in to the info centre and have recruited additional staff but our priority is to support people with disclosure checks.

Interim Compass arrangements

The full list of interim processes can be viewed at Currently you are able to upload records for new adults to be added to Compass to request a disclosure check. We are also automatically requesting disclosures for those adults who are on Compass and their disclosure is about to expire. Wood Badges are now being issued to those whose records on Compass show they have completed their Wood Badge training.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation. If you have any questions please contact the Scout Information Centre.

Please do share this email with any local members you feel would benefit from receiving this update direct.

Yours, The Scout Association

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