Resources for all Compass Users

Now that all adult members of Scouting are able to login to Compass we thought we’d remind you about some of the resources that are available as you re-familiarise yourself with Compass.


If you’ve never registered to use Compass you will need to do so before you login. Guidance of registering can be found here.

Logging In

If you have previously registered for Compass your existing username and password are still valid and can be used to login. You can retrieve your username (having it sent to the registered email address for your account) or reset your password as needed, and more guidance on that can be found here.

If you are having problems with registering, retrieving your username, or resetting your password please ask another Compass user to view your profile and check that all of the information you are using matches that on your Compass profile, if it doesn’t someone will need to update your Compass record before you complete these forms.

Getting to Know Compass and Getting Support

A wide range of resources have been developed to help you get used to using Compass.

There is a suite of 14 videos to help you with key processes, and these can be viewed here.

The videos can be downloaded for offline use here.

A range of FAQs have been written, new FAQs are listed on the Latest Updates page.

A range of Quick Start Guides and User Guides can be found on the Support Page, along with the relevant videos.

Your local Compass support team, who have had access for several weeks, may be able to offer support in learning to use Compass.

The Scout Information Centre will be open extended hours, 8am-7pm Monday-Friday, and Saturday March 19 9am-5pm to help (9am-noon on Saturday’s going forward). You can call us on 0845 300 1818 or 020 8433 7100, email or ask a question on Twitter @ScoutInfoCentre.

Using Uservoice

Members using Compass have been using Uservoice to report issues  and this has been working well, meaning that members receive the quickest response possible. Uservoice can be found by clicking on the red speech bubble with the white question mark in the top-right of the main screen and all pop-up windows (see image below). Further guidance on using Uservoice can be found here.

Superuser Role

Now that all adult members have access to Compass, Superusers will be able to hand their processes over to those with the appropriate roles on Compass. Superuser roles will be ended on April 30 2016.

Updating Records

County teams of Commissioners, Appointments Secretaries and Superusers along with other Managers and members with Training roles, have been working locally to ensure that as much data as possible was accurate for Phase 4, however you may still find that some of your information is out of date, please be patient whilst these records continue to be updated locally.

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