Compass Updates 17th March 2016

Updates to Compass since  the 10th March 2016

Over the past few days we have made a few changes to Compass and the support website on the back of the feedback you have been providing to us.

Updates to Compass –

  • The Permit Report has been updated to improve the usability of the report.
  • New automatic emails have been launched, the emails and alerts are sent from Compass overnight based on an action that is completed
    • Permit has been approved – Email to Assessor
    • Permit has been  rejected – Email to Assessor
    • Permit has expired – Alert to Member and Commissioner
    • Member personal details, visibility, emergency details and communications preferences – Email to Member
    • Password updated – Email to Member
    • Any full role closed – Alert to Appointment Secretary and line manager
    • Wood badge recommended confirmation- Alert to County Training Manager and Training adviser


New FAQs added based on your questions, feedback and reported issues –

How can I make sure that the most recent alerts appear at the top of my homepage in compass?

A small number of permits which were started when Compass was available locally last year and are currently ‘in progress’ are not able to be completed. What should you do if this is the case?

I am using a completed ‘Assessment Checklist Form’ to add to Compass the details of a permit granted whilst Compass was unavailable locally. However, the granting Commissioner at the time is no longer in post. What should I do?

As a District or County/Area/Region Administrator why do I have access to add permits?

Who has access to Compass?

Disclosure checks seem to be stuck at LPF (Local Police Force) for a long time, why is this?

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