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As a District or County/Area/Region Administrator why do I have access to add permits?

District and County/Area/Region Administrators have access to add permits for the sole purpose of helping Commissioners to get the data onto Compass. They should therefore only add a permit on to Compass if they have been expressly asked to by the relevant granting Commissioner. The granting Commissioner must provide the Administrator with the completed and authorised ‘Assessment Checklist Form’ to ensure that they have the correct details to record on Compass, including an assessor’s number or name. Further guidance on requesting and approving/rejecting permits using Compass can be found here.

A small number of permits which were started when Compass was available locally last year and are currently ‘in progress’ are not able to be completed. What should you do if this is the case?

In order to proceed you will need to start a new application. Please ensure that you make a note of any details you require from the original application before beginning the new one. Further guidance on requesting and approving/rejecting permits using Compass can be found here.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete the old permit request at present. We are currently working to develop a fix to remove the old requests and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

Why can’t I add a permit to a network member?

Network roles are not set up to allow for permits as the role does not require a valid disclosure. To add a permit to a Network member you can change their primary role to another adult role if they have one, or appoint them as a ‘Skills Instructor’. Other adult roles that requires a valid disclosure may also be appropriate.

I am using a completed ‘Assessment Checklist Form’ to add to Compass the details of a permit granted whilst Compass was unavailable locally. However, the granting Commissioner at the time is no longer in post. What should I do?

In order to proceed, you will need to enter the details of the new/current Commissioner as the granting Commissioner instead. Please ensure that you check with the relevant Commissioner first to confirm that they are happy for you to do this. Further guidance on requesting and approving/rejecting permits using Compass can be found here.

Can I search for people by their previous surname?

In most searches, including basic and advanced, you can only search by a member’s current surname as they display it on Compass. If you think a member has changed their surname, for example because they are now married, you will need to search by other criteria and leave the surname field blank to ensure they come up in the search results.

When adding a member or searching for a permit holder/assessor, search results will include results for previous surnames.

When are Compass alerts sent to recipients?

Alerts are generated by Compass when specific tasks have been undertaken, i.e completion of training, new permit added etc.  The alerts are sent automatically throughout the day and will appear on the recipient’s home page.

You can find more information about automatic alerts and emails, including who they are sent to, here.

I am trying to grant a permit, but the Granting Commissioner I want to select isn’t showing as an option?

There are a few reasons why the Granting Commissioner is not available when adding a permit.

  • When granting a permit, you need to make sure that the Member you are granting it to has their primary role set in the same location as the granting Commissioner and that it is at or below the Commissioner’s level in the hierarchy. For example, if a District Commissioner is trying to grant a permit to a Member they must make sure that that Member’s primary role is one within their District.
  • If a different role is set as their primary role, this will affect who will appear as option for the granting Commissioner. For example, if they have a County role as primary the County and Regional (England) Commissioners will show but not the District Commissioner. Their primary role must be at the right level and in the same location as the person who is trying to grant their permit. You can find guidance on how to change and set a role as primary here.
  • The Granting Commissioner will not be available to select if the member gaining the permit only holds a pre-provisional or provisional role, once the member’s role is full on Compass having completed the Appointments Process this field will become available.

Why has my assessor title changed?

This has not changed the remit of the role, if there is an issue this will be with the old role and so the Commissioner needs to add the appropriate role.

How do I know if my permit is valid?

If the permit is listed on Compass, then it is valid as long as it is in date and has not been revoked. Due to Compass being unavailable locally throughout 2015 we are recognising locally recorded permits, allowing Compass to be updated during 2016. If you are unsure about your permit please speak to your local Activities team.

Who gets notified if my permit is rejected?

If a Commissioner chooses to not complete the permit as they feel someone is not suitable they can reject the permit application. They can also revoke existing permits if an individual is no longer suitable for one. In both cases the person with the permit will be notified when the Commissioner actions this.

Why has the title of my permit changed?

Only current permit types are now available on Compass, anyone who was showing with an old permit title has been transferred across to the new titles. At B1 level this has no change to the remit, at B2 upwards this may have changed the remit. If this is wrong members will need to contact the  the Scout Information Centre or their Commissioner to have the correct permit added.

Can I find a permit holder in an area other than where I do my Scouting?

You can do an advanced search (by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner of the Compass screen).  This will identify those who have an appropriate permit for the activity you have searched for.  There will be a button in the bottom left hand corner of your Compass screen marked ‘Messaging’.  This will allow you to send a message to those individuals you select by email or by alert.

I have run a report/performed a search for permit holders but cannot see the contact details for them, how do I get in touch?

When searching for permit holders and Activity Assessors/Nights Away Advisers you will receive results including all adult members, but will only be able to see the contact details of those in your hierarchy, or outside your hierarchy if their visibility settings allow this. To get in touch you can try searching for their Commissioner via the Member Search and ask them to put you in contact, or you can use the messaging function at the bottom of the screen.