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I am trying to send a SMS (text message) through Compass, but the person hasn’t received it?

When sending a SMS using Compass, it is really important that you make sure that person(s) you are trying to contact have their phone numbers set up correctly in Compass. In order for it to send, they must have a mobile number recorded on Compass and the ‘type’ of number (which you select using the dropdown box) must be set to either ‘Daytime Mobile’ or ‘Home Mobile’. If it is set as anything else, including ‘Scouting Enquiries’, it will not send so it’s really important to check this first.

If a mobile number needs to be added or amended on a Member’s record, if you have access to amend other people’s contact details you will be able to change this. If not, you will need to ask someone with the correct access to do this or ask the Member to change it themselves. You can find more guidance about editing contact details here.

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