Compass Offline Support

Whilst all adult members of Scouting now have access to Compass, appropriate for their roles, some processes are still managed, in part or full, by an offline process. Information about this can be found below. Information on ‘who can do what’ on Compass can be found here .

This page provides guidance on how to undertake key tasks which are currently unavailable within Compass. Below is an overview of the most common administration tasks that you may need to complete.

If a member is keeping offline records it is important that they let their local team know.

How do I….

 Action  What can’t be done  Solution
Appointment/roles and edit adult record details
Census Census count was due to be taken directly from Compass in 2015 The 2016 census will be undertaken using the same processes as previous years.

Data will not be taken from Compass to populate the Census site.

More guidance on how to do this can be found at

Issuing appointment cards and certificates Appointment cards are out of date. Currently these cannot be issued from Compass on a rolling basis. This is something which we will be investigated during 2016.
Contacting Members
Inviting adult members to events and activities Unable to invite members to events using Compass Continue to invite members to events using the method you used before Compass
Awards, badges and administration for youth members
Top Award registrations (Queen’s Scout Award, Scouts Of the World Award, Explorer Belt) Explorer and Scout Network members can’t register interest and commencement in achieving these awards Continue with offline process:

Register for the Queen’s Scout Award here

Register for Scouts Of the World Award here

Register for Explorer Belt here

Top Award completions (Queen’s Scout Award, Scouts of the World Award, Explorer Belt) Explorer and Scout Network members can’t notify completion of these awards. Commissioners cannot sign off completion of the awards and notify Headquarters. Continue with offline process of local notification to Commissioners and notification to HQ via:

Queen’s Scout Award certificate request form

Scouts of the World Award certificate request form

Explorer Belt certificate request form

Maintenance and record keeping of badge achievement Records of young people who have achieved badges can’t be recorded. Continue with offline local processes, supported by sectional record cards.
Maintenance and record keeping of Young Leader module and mission completion Records of Explorers who have completed Young Leader modules and missions can’t be recorded. Continue with offline local processes supported by sectional record cards, Young Leader pocket book and Young Leader log book.
Online programme planning, sharing programme with other leaders. Programme plans cannot be recorded Programmes Online (POL) can be used to create online programmes and shared with other leader’s offline.
Creating events, inviting participants to events and recording attendance at events Events cannot be created and attendance recorded in Compass Continue with offline local processes used before Compass.
Add, update and remove youth member data Member records cannot be maintained A local record will need to be kept. Record cards can be used for this.
Add, update and remove Scout Network member data This is the same as adding or administering any other adult role. Please see information on this at the top of the page for further guidance.
Log a permit for a youth Member (as POR says permits are only valid once recorded) No central online membership system to log a permit against a youth Member. Compass does not hold youth data at this stage, so permits issued to under 18’s need to be recorded locally.  A template spreadsheet to record permits can be downloaded here.
Visits Abroad process Can’t input Visits Abroad information on Compass to submit online Continue to send Visits Abroad paper form to the International Programme team (process as before Compass). Contact your Assistant County Commissioner (International) to start off the process.
Nights Away Can’t use Compass to submit a Nights Away Notification online Continue to use Nights Away form and offline process as before Compass.
Training and Awards
Applying for awards Applications online Use current forms available at online.There are no Award Reports available at this time. If information on an award is required contact the team on  Long Service Awards will be generated automatically by the Awards Team.