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What does suspension from “any involvement on Scouting” actually mean?

In simple terms it means what it says, a suspended individual cannot have any involvement in Scouting whilst suspended. Specifically POR Rule 15.2e says: The suspended person must not:

  • participate in any activity connected with the Movement (whether or not young people are present) including administrative activities;
  • contact youth Members of the Association;
  • enter Association premises unless specifically given permission by the appropriate Commissioner;
  • be present at any place at which Scouting activities are taking place (including all types of activity whether or not young people are present);
  • wear the uniform or badges of the Association

In very limited circumstances, variations to these restrictions may be permitted at the absolute discretion of the relevant Commissioners, however individuals suspended for not having a valued disclosure may not under any circumstances engage in regulated activity (the care, teaching, training or supervision of young people) and may not be involved in any residential activity (See POR Rule 15.2e for more details)

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