Results displayed for searches to find Activity Assessors, Nights Away Advisers and Permit Holders


Please note: This is not a user guide. It is further guidance relating to the search results which may be displayed when carrying out the processes outlined in the various permits user guides. Some searches may display results that are not accurate, please be aware of these known issues and check carefully to ensure you are contacting the right people.

Some searches may display results that are not accurate, please be aware of these known issues and check carefully to ensure you are contacting the right people.

Historic permit types
You can currently search for types and levels of permits that no longer exist (ie they have been discontinued and can no longer be issued). These searches may return no results, indicating that there are no longer any individuals holding these permits.

Due to changes to the permits required for certain activities, some activities are listed twice in different ways in the dropdown list.  Please be aware that you may need to double search for permit holders in these cases, for example, climbing and ice climbing, or multi-pitch climbing and climbing/abseiling. Permit titles that are no longer available are listed as ‘[Archived]’.


Kayaking and canoeing
Kayaking and Canoeing searches will give you the option to search by classification (eg B1), or by classification and sub-type (eg Open Inland/River/Sea/Surf). individuals holding these permits.

Searches by classification only (eg B3, B2, B1, A) will include results with all applicable sub-types (eg River B1 Waters).

Only permit holders matching both the classification and the sub-type are appropriate to lead that activity.

Permit types with a non-linear hierarchy
The search functionality is set to return everyone at and above the level you have specified. For example, if ‘B1 Water’ is selected, the search will return anyone who can operate on B1 waters and above, including people who hold a B2+ Waters permit.

However, when a permit type has a non-linear hierarchy, this does not work neatly. For example, when searching for ‘Terrain 2 Summer Hillwalking’ permit holders, results for Terrain 1 Winter will be returned. To lead activities in Terrain 2 Summer conditions you need either a Terrain 2 Summer or a Terrain 2 Winter permit.


The activities that this relates to are shown in the table below:

Activity Search term Will also return Permit types which do not cover this activity
Nights Away Indoor or Campsite Lightweight Expedition, Greenfield Lightweight Expedition
Hillwalking/Mountain Biking Terrain 2 Summer Terrain 1 Winter, Terrain 2 Winter Terrain 1 Winter
Climbing and Abseiling Natural Top Rope Climbing Artificial Lead Climbing, Natural Lead Climbing, Multipitch Climbing Artificial Lead Climbing
Ice Climbing Natural Ice Top Rope Climbing Artificial Ice Lead Climbing, Natural Ice Lead Climbing, Multipitch Ice Climbing Artificial Ice Lead Climbing



Using the filter to refine your search results

After you have completed your initial search, you can filter your search results by clicking the filter icon next to the ‘Category’ column heading and unticking inappropriate selections.

Other Activities
If you spot any other searches that are inaccurate, you can use the feedback function in Compass to let us know.

Click on the red ‘?’ symbol at the top left to open the ‘Report an Issue’ screen. Describe the issue in as much detail as you can, including attaching a screenshot if possible, and click ‘Next’. Then enter your email address and click ‘Send Message’ to submit it.



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