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Local Training Managers cannot recommend Wood Badges on Compass but it is in their role description, why is this?

The role description for an LTM has not changed and they can still recommend that a member receive a woodbadge, if this is an agreed part of their role. They will not be able to recommend a woodbadge within Compass though, and a County Training Manager will need to complete this process for them.

Local Training Manager roles are left flexible so that they can fit the needs of members locally. Some LTMs recommend woodbadges, for example for a specific District, as a part of their role agreed with their County Training Manager. However, some LTMs do not recommend woodbadges as part of their roles. Because the same permissions needed to be set for all LTMs the decision was taken that the role would not be given permissions to recommend a woodbadge on Compass.

Careful consideration was given to this decision, and this was part of a wider rationalisation of roles.

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