How Commissioners revoke an Activity or Nights Away Permit


Roles: District/Area/County/Region (Scotland) Commissioners, Country Commissioners, relevant HQ roles

Process overview:  This process allows a Commissioner to revoke an individual’s Activity or Nights Away Permit. This will be based on a change in circumstances, usually personal suitability/physical ability, or a new medical condition that would prevent the individual from performing as they previously had for the assessment.

When revoking a permit, the Commissioner will need to give their reasons for the doing so. Once revoked, the permit will no longer show in the member’s record or in any permit searches. This process should be clearly communicated with the individual concerned so that they understand why this action has been taken.

Process: How Commissioners revoke a permit

  1. Enter the member’s number in the ‘Go to member’ box. This will take you to the member’s profile page shown in step 2.
    If you do not have member’s number, complete a basic or advanced search and you will be taken to the ‘Search results’ page. Find the member’s name and click on it. You will then be taken to the member’s profile.

  2. On the member’s profile page click on the ‘Permits’ tab to load the member’s ‘Permits’ page.

  3. The ‘Permits’ page will display all permits the member has had while in Scouting. This includes expired permits, but does not include permits that were recommended but not issued.
    Click on the ‘Revoke’ button in the ‘Options’ column to open the ‘Revoke a Permit’ form.

  4. Using this form, you can give a reason for revoking the permit. If the permit was added in error, simply tick the box beside ‘Added in error’. If not added in error, then type the reason into the ‘Reason’ box.
    If you would like to inform the holder via Compass that the permit has been revoked, click the box beside ‘Inform holder’. The individual will receive an automated email telling them that their permit has been revoked.Finally, click the ‘Revoke Permit’ button at the bottom right hand corner to revoke the permit.Please note: If you revoke a permit, you should contact the individual personally to ensure that they understand the action that you have taken and your reason for doing so, and are aware that they can no longer lead this activity in Scouting. If this is not practical or appropriate you should ensure another member contacts the individual.

  5. Once revoked, the permit page for the member’s page will be displayed. This will not show any revoked permits. To see permits that have been revoked tick the ‘Show revoked’ box. Permits that were revoked because they were ‘added in error’ will not show in the list, even after the ‘Show revoked’ box has been selected.

    Please note: The ‘Show revoked’ tick box will only appear if there are permits that have been revoked.

  6. This completes the procedure for the ‘How Commissioners revoke a Permit’ process. To return to the home page click on the ‘Compass’ logo at the top left of the page.

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