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I am trying to grant a permit, but the Granting Commissioner I want to select isn’t showing as an option?

There are a few reasons why the Granting Commissioner is not available when adding a permit.

  • When granting a permit, you need to make sure that the Member you are granting it to has their primary role set in the same location as the granting Commissioner and that it is at or below the Commissioner’s level in the hierarchy. For example, if a District Commissioner is trying to grant a permit to a Member they must make sure that that Member’s primary role is one within their District.
  • If a different role is set as their primary role, this will affect who will appear as option for the granting Commissioner. For example, if they have a County role as primary the County and Regional (England) Commissioners will show but not the District Commissioner. Their primary role must be at the right level and in the same location as the person who is trying to grant their permit. You can find guidance on how to change and set a role as primary here.
  • The Granting Commissioner will not be available to select if the member gaining the permit only holds a pre-provisional or provisional role, once the member’s role is full on Compass having completed the Appointments Process this field will become available.
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