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Why is it important to register using a unique/your own email address?

To make sure that Compass matches your membership profile with the account you create by registering  you need to use an email address which is unique to you and not shared with any other Compass user. This is an important security feature of the registration process.

If you share an email address with someone else, for example another family member also in Scouting, you will need to use or create another email address to register, making sure this is on your Compass record beforehand. A number of free email providers will allow you to create an email account.

Once you have registered and logged in to Compass you can update your email address to reflect where you would like emails to be sent to, and this may be the same email as another member. Information on how to do this can be found here.

Further guidance on how to register for Compass can be found here.

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