Enhancements to Compass

To address issues with Compass and as part of the ongoing development we will be updating the system regularly. A new release of the system last week delivered the following solutions:

  • The ability to move an adults role between different sections within the same Group, District or County/Area/Region(Scotland).  This allows certain roles to move an adult volunteer without creating a new role.
  • Fixed the search function for email addresses
  • Improved the speed of searching
  • Resolved issues with saving data once changes had been made.
  • Improved system performance when using Chrome internet browser.
  • Fixed the issue with the system automatically logging the user out of the system.

Recent data fixes within Compass:

The migration of data from the previous membership system (My Backpack, or MMS) did not go as well as we wished. There are a number of areas where we are aiming to substantially improve the data within Compass.

We have fixed the vast majority of issues where Section Leaders were in the wrong section, this coupled with the ability to move people to a different section should allow any outstanding problems to be resolved.

We have also fixed the vast majority of missing youth records transferred from MMS, although a small number remain and we continue to work on these.

We are now focussed on:

  • Identifying those in active support roles who are not appearing in the correct section
  • Ensuring that the pre-provisional, provisional and full role statuses are accurate
  • Improving the training data, including validated modules are correctly displayed
  • Resolving issues with some awards information
  • Identifying those with roles in the wrong Group or District, this manly applies to those in Districts which had been closed or merged in the past.

We are fixing these as quickly as possible, prioritising those areas which prevent people from using Compass.  We aim to have the majority resolved by the end of January 2015.