Update from Wayne Bulpitt and Matt Hyde

Last month we wrote to you with an update on our progress to restore local access to adult records on Compass, our national membership database. We promised to write again with an update.

Volunteers and staff have been testing the system, and we’re pleased to say that test results look very promising. We have been working with the developers of Compass and the world’s largest security testing company to restore local access once we are confident it is secure and working effectively.

As we said in our last update, before we switch the system back on we will have to carry out further testing, including a full security test. If this testing is successful, our estimated restoration date will be January 2016. A phased roll out to Compass adult records will start with focused access to specific roles including local line managers and Appointment Secretaries. As part of our preparations we will be making some changes to scouts.org.uk/compass over the coming months, however we will not remove any guidance around interim processes.

Thank you for your patience

Access to Compass will only be restored once we are confident it is secure. We have added additional staff to the Scout Information Centre to assist you to keep adult records up to date and we have extra staff in our Vetting Team to help deal with the volume of enquiries. If you need support or have questions please contact the Scout Information Centre.

Our Chief Information Officer Alexis Cheshire writes our Compass Update Blog, which has more details and technical information for those that are interested. We will write to you again in November with a further update.

We are acutely aware of the inconvenience and frustration experienced while Compass has not been available locally. We’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult period.

Many thanks

Wayne Bulpitt                             Matt Hyde

UK Chief Commissioner            Chief Executive

The Scout Association