Update from Alexis Cheshire

During this Autumn we continue the long process of testing so that Compass is ready for local access. We’ve been working with our supplier to check security and performance of the system as well as testing by external experts, staff and volunteers.

When local access to Compass is restored, youth data will not be available. Our current focus is re-launching the system to support adult records. We’ve concentrated efforts to ensure that the adult functionality is working correctly before progressing to the next stage. Youth records are securely retained and we will update you at a later date for plans on youth data access.

Local access to Compass is taking a long time to restore as we want to be confident the system is secure and working effectively. We have involved volunteers in complex programmes of testing and we’ve been methodical to work with our suppliers to ensure everything is ready for use.

The phased roll out to Compass adult records will start with focused access to specific roles including local line managers and Appointment Secretaries. Over the coming month we are developing a range of support resources to assist these roles and will update this website with new materials. Guidance around interim processes will also remain available during this time.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers and staff who have supported testing and to thank you for your continued support.