Compass updates 28th January 2016

Yesterday Compass was made available to Phase One users. We will be posting on this page updates, changes and important information for Compass users.

Check back here regularly for the latest updates.

Updates since the re-introduction of Compass on the 27th January 2016

  • A small number of users are having some difficulty re-setting their own password, we are looking into the issue in detail to find a solution. We have updated the text below the membership number field on the password re-set page to provide clearer guidance. Read the FAQ for more information.
  • Superuser role permissions updated to allow editing of validated training. For support about how to use this feature click here.
  • SMS messaging feature is not currently available, however it will be available soon. Read the FAQ for more information.


Who are phase one users?

Compass is currently available to Phase One users only. Phase one users are –

  • District, County/Area/Region (Scotland), Regional (England) and Country Commissioners
  • Appointment Secretaries
  • Superusers

If you are not a phase one user you will be able to log into Compass and access reports if you previously had access to them. All other users will be able to log in however they will not be able to complete any actions/tasks within Compass.

Update from Alexis Cheshire

Since my last blog, lots of work has been undertaken to ensure that Compass is ready to be reintroduced.

As you will have seen from the various more formal updates, we have undertaken extensive testing of the functionality, including going out to a number of Districts from across the UK so that they could try out the system “in the field”. We have also successfully undertaken a number of back-end upgrades to the infrastructure.

You will be pleased to hear that subject to a few final technical processes, and the necessary go-live approvals from our governance structure, we anticipate that Compass will be reintroduced to Phase 1 Users (Commissioners, Appointment Secretaries and Superusers) during the last week of January.

Once we go live we will of course need to monitor carefully the load and performance of the system, however subject to system performance being as expected, we anticipate to be able to be able to reintroduce Compass to Phase 2 users (ie Phase 1 users plus GSLs, DESCs, DSNCs & SASU Managers) approximately two weeks later.

In order to reintroduce Compass and have it all ready we need to switch off the adult upload function from Monday 18 January. Phase 1 users will be able to add new adults, (as well as undertake a wide range of other functions) when they gain access to Compass.

Over the next few weeks you may notice some changes to the Compass User Support website, this is one part of the work to provide additional support when we start the reintroduction.

Throughout the reintroduction process, both the reports and Atlantic Data (the Disclosure system for England and Wales) functions will continue to be available to everyone that currently has access. It will also be important that the focus on ensuring that everyone has a valid disclosure is maintained.