Chief Scout’s Length of Service Awards – Pre August 2016

As part of the ongoing work to improve the data quality in Compass, a data fix has been implemented to add Length of Service awards that were awarded before August 2016 to member’s records. Members can view their awards on Compass from the Awards” tab on their profile page. 



An award has been added to my Compass record, should I have received a certificate as well?

The purpose of this data fix is to ensure that Compass reflects the awards that have already been sent out prior to August 2016. Therefore, the certificates and emblems for these awards had already been sent to Commissioners at the time the Length of Service award was due. If you have not received your certificate please get in touch with your Commissioner. 

Why is the Awarded Date or Award Location different to what is on my certificate?

Up until August 2016, Length of Service awards were being sent out based on data from the previous membership database, MMS. Where possible, we have tried to ensure that the details of the award, such as date and location, reflected on members’ Compass profiles are as accurate as possible to the data from MMS. However, due to updates in members’ role history or inaccuracies in the previous data set, in some cases the date or award location may not be an exact match. We apologise for any inaccuracies in these details, however the priority was to ensure that the correct level of award (e.g. 5, 10, 15 etc year awards) was recorded on member’s profiles.

What about other awards that I have received but are not showing on Compass yet?

Whilst the current priority is focused on Length of Service awards, there are still plans to ensure that the rest of the adult awards that have been issued are also recorded on Compass. Further communications will be sent out when we have more to update on this piece of work.

What about Length of Service Awards that have not been sent out yet?

We have been working on developing the functionality within Compass to generate Length of Service Awards to enable us to resume sending these out. Development and testing is progressing well with the aim of sending out the outstanding certificates to Commissioners in Autumn 2017. Further communications will be sent out over the coming months. We thank you for your patience whilst we are undertaking this work.

Length of Service will be calculated based on the start and end dates for eligible roles that are recorded on members’ Compass profiles. In order to ensure that members receive the correct Length of Service awards, it will be important to ensure that members’ role history is up to date and any historical service is added to their records, where possible.