Updates to Compass following Essential System Maintenance

Thank you for your patience whilst Compass was offline for essential system maintenance.

As part of this maintenance work, the following updates have been made to Compass:

  • Roles
    • On the reference request email generated via Compass, the hyperlink to the Reference Request form has been updated to ensure that the form can be accessed by clicking directly on the hyperlink rather than needing to be copied out of the email. The format of the reference request email has also been updated to ensure that is displays correctly in the email.
    • An issue has been fixed that was causing the role status for some historic roles to show as active despite the end date for the role showing as in the past. Any historic roles added after this date will have their status set to Closed. A data fix to correct any roles previously affected will be implemented in due course.
    • An issue has been fixed that was previously causing some member’s profiles to become inactive despite them having an active role on their record.
  • Permits
    • An issue has been fixed that was previously preventing some permits that were in progress from being updated or deleted if they were no longer required.
    • Based on feedback from members, the “Technical Competence” text box on the recommend a permit form has been increased to 500 characters to allow assessors more space to fill in details.
  • Training
    • On the adult training search, an issue has been fixed that was preventing the search results from being filtered by renewal date for ongoing learning searches.
  • Communication Preferences
    • The Communication preferences section of a member’s profile has been updated with some new headquarters communication options for members to select. The options available to a member are linked to their roles to ensure that they are able to opt into communications that are relevant to their role. Guidance on how to update your communication preferences can be found in this userguide.