Compass and Atlantic Data Updates 17th August 2016

Updates to Compass and Atlantic Data

Today we have made a few changes to Compass and Atlantic Data on the back of the feedback you have been providing to us.

In Compass we have made the following changes –

  • Created a new report ‘Disclosure management report’ for Group Scout Leaders, Commissioners and Appointment Secretaries which provides an overview of the outstanding disclosures in their area
  • Updated the viable text shown the ‘Status’ column within the disclosure tab on members records to reflect the current status of the disclosure or disclosure application.

In Atlantic Data we have made the following changes –

  • Atlantic Data is automatically updated with a disclosure application 30 days before a person’s current disclosure expires
  • Any outstanding disclosure applications are automatically cancelled overnight when a person’s record is closed in Compass

The following FAQs have been updated/created for your information –

What does ‘status’ mean on the disclosure tab in Compass?

A Member has left Scouting but they still have a disclosure request in Atlantic Data. What do I need to do?

A member is showing on Compass as having a pending Disclosure, but cannot be found in Atlantic Data. What should I do?

My Disclosure says PENDING on the disclosure tab what does this mean? PENDING Disclosures: A quick overview (England & Wales)

For further support and advice with regards to these changes please contact The Scout Information Centre.