Update from Alexis Cheshire

We are currently in the final sprint phase of development and a significant number of volunteers from across the country are supporting a period of robust testing. As we predicted, a number of minor issues have been identified and these are currently being addressed.

We took Compass offline due to potential security issues being identified and all of our work to date has been focussed on this aspect of Compass. Whilst we have been working on these security fixes we have been also resolving a number of bugs and minor issues that had been raised by members. We do recognise that there are a lot of improvements that could be made to the usability or design of the system, but our priority to date has been to restore the basic functionality in a secure fashion as quickly as possible.

Soon a report to support the Appointment Secretary role will be available. In the first instance it will only be available to members in that role, then rolled out to relevant commissioners thereafter. The report will provide pre-provisional, provisional or full role status as well as appointment status (including disclosure, approvals, references, Getting Started, wood badge and safety/safeguarding/first aid training). Feedback from members when the last set of reports were released has been utilised in this new report especially around the auto choice of columns and the format of PDF and Excel output.

As we continue to test and develop the system, work continues to develop a variety of support resources and systems to assist system users when Compass returns. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in or offered support during testing, even if you’ve been unable to help directly. Thank you for your continued support.