Update from Alexis Cheshire

Further to Friday’s update I can confirm that today an interim process went live to ensure we can add new adult volunteers to Compass (via HQ) and process a disclosure check for those new members.

An email with detailed instructions has been sent to those roles who have the permissions to conduct the disclosure process and have a username and password already set up in Compass, as these are required to be able to complete the process.

For information you can view a copy of the email here and see the new guidance in the Appointments and Disclosures area of this Compass user site.

To help keep track of disclosure checks for existing members and new adults we are working on developing an email alert system to go to Appointment Secretaries as soon as a disclosure has been processed. We know this will be a really helpful tool to keep track of progress and so this is a priority to put live asap.

While a lot of work is going into providing interim solutions while Compass is offline we are also working hard with our suppliers to plan the future of how we get Compass back online and I hope to update you more on this over the coming week.

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