Training Resources

With phase 3 access to Compass going live today there is a range of resources which will be of particular use to those working with adult training.

  • The adult training data FAQs can be found here
  • The FAQs specific to adult training data, and ways to correct records, can be found here.
  • The previously sent email regarding what to expect from training data can be read here.
  • The resources on using Compass to manage adult training can be found here
  • The video tutorial most useful to the training community is ‘How to update a member’s training record’    –  there is a suite of 14 videos on a range of topics.

If you are new to Compass you might need to register, login, retrieve your username or reset your password, resources to help you with this can be found here.

Your local reintroduction team of Commissioners, Superusers and Appointments Secretaries are available locally.  The Scout Information Centre is also open 8am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm to help with any inquiries, which includes our Twitter feed @ScoutInfoCentre.

Superusers and Appointment Secretaries will see some changes to what they can do on Compass when Phase 3 goes live. The FAQs related to these changes are below:

Are Appointment Secretaries able to validate training?
Can Superusers recommend Wood Badges?
Who can recommend a Wood Badge on Compass?
Who has access to edit or delete incorrect training records?

Those logging in may also find that they have a large number of alerts. FAQs on alerts can be found here.

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