Compass Updates 18th February 2016

Updates to Compass since the 12th February 2016

Over the past few days we have made a few changes to Compass and the support website on the back of the feedback you have been providing to us.

Updates to Compass –

  • A button has been added to the account registration page which enables members with non UK Postcodes to register for an account, further guidance can be found here.
  • An issue was discovered with the email system which sends the email messages and reference requests, during the fixing of this issue multiple emails may have been sent in error and we apologize for this. Any remaining emails which have not been received will be sent over the next 2-3 days.
  • The issue with roles showing with the incorrect role status (Pre-Provisional, Provisional or Full) has been resolved for most roles, there is a small number of roles which need to be fixed and the work for this small number remaining continues.
  • As part of the fix put in place to correct role status’s some Superuser’s roles were made Pre-provisional in error yesterday, we have corrected this error however if your Superuser role is still Pre-Provisional please contact the Information Centre who will be able to support you further.


New or updated FAQs based on your questions, feedback and reported issues –

Why is it taking so long to load when I try and view a Member’s permit?

I am trying to register for Compass but I have a non UK post code. What do I need to do?

I am trying to send emails through Compass but it doesn’t appear to be working properly?

I am trying to send a SMS (text message) through Compass, but the person hasn’t received it?

I have sent an alert in Compass, how does the person view it?

Do I need to log into Atlantic Data when I request a disclosure in Compass?

Why have I received an email informing me that a new adult has been added when it should have been that a new role has been added to an existing Member?

What will happen if I have spaces in my phone number?

Is it mandatory to use the Adult Information Form when adding a new Member to Compass?

Who receives different emails and alerts from Compass, and what format are they sent in?

I am not able to edit the ‘Visible role title’ field when I add a role to a Member?

Why is it important to register using a unique/your own email address?

I can’t find the member I want to add a role to using ‘Assign New Role’, why is this?

How do I request a disclosure for a member with a double-barreled surname?

Can a role be removed from someone’s record?

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